How do I become a member?

There are several levels of membership for our society.

Unibodhi is partially funded by the University of Sydney Union a.k.a. USU (the student union body at the University of Sydney). We highly recommend becoming a member of the USU by getting an ACCESS card as having one enables you to get a discounted price to all of our events. There are a whole host of other benefits too which you can read about on the USU website.

Get an ACCESS card

In addition to getting an ACCESS card, you can become a member of Unibodhi which gives you a say in the direction of the society.

Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Having a say in the direction of the society as a voting member during our General Meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Able to be elected to a position on the executive committee

Membership fee: $2

Talks and meditation sessions organised by the society are free for anyone to attend however it does cost money to have refreshments available for our speakers, meditation guides and people who come to our events so we appreciate you becoming a member. NOTE: You do not have to become a member to attend our events.

2018 Membership structure

Current ACCESS card Member of Unibodhi Benefits
No No May attend any of our events but may have to pay full price for our social events. Meditations and talks are free.
Yes No Discounted price for our social events. When you attend our events please write down you ACCESS number on the attendance list.
Yes Yes All the benefits of having an ACCESS card as well as being able to vote and be elected to an executive committee position for Unibodhi.

Note: You must have an ACCESS card to become a member of Unibodhi.