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Spiritual Friendship and Staying Connected: Fortnightly Talk 13/10

In this competitive and fast-paced world, where most people crave for success and material goods. Both religion and spirituality seem to be swept down the floor and seen as secondary to one’s lives, or even a mystical element detached from the realities of life. How then do we still maintain our spiritual life, and be free from the negative aspects of this somewhat dystopian society?

The Noble Eightfold path may seem like a lonely journey at times, BUT it is vital to have supportive friends and colleagues who can share that journey with you and encourage you to persevere in your endeavours towards enlightenment!

Join us for a talk about the importance of spiritual friends and how to stay in touch. This is especially relevant for those of you who will be moving into the big, wide, world next year!

Brian White is the Chairman of the Buddhist Council of NSW and has led the organisation since 2006. Since he was introduced to Buddhism 30 years ago, he has been extensively involved in Buddhist youth issues. He is currently an advisor to the Mitra Buddhist Youth Network and will be concluding his duties as the Assistant Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Technology Sydney this year. One of Brian’s interests is helping Buddhist organisations of all traditions, so that the Buddha’s teachings are more accessible and better understood across society.

Hence, we highly recommend you to come to this talk! You will not only gain a lot of helpful insights from the teachings, but you will also to continue to meet spiritually like-minded people, and find inner peace within!

When: Thursday 13th October, 4:30 – 6pm
Where: Reading Room, Holme Building (A09), University of Sydney
Cost: Free for everyone

Annual General Meeting 2016

When: Friday 21st October (Wk 12), 5-7pm
Where: Common Room, Holme Building (A09), University of Sydney
Cost: FREE


Our term as the 35th executive team is coming to an end and we are looking for enthusiastic individuals to continue leading Unibodhi. Please email us at if you are interested with a short description of yourself.

At our AGM, we will be reviewing the year that has gone by and electing our new 36th executive team. We really need as much support as possible to avoid becoming de-registered like last year so please come along. Hope to see you there.


    • Report of the President
    • Report of the Treasurer
    • Report of the Secretary
    • Reports of the Other Executive Members
    • Appointment of Returning Officer
    • Nominations will be considered and voted on for the following positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Dhamma Officer, External Officer and General Executives
    • Persons may nominate themselves or by members present at the meeting. Please email if you intend to nominate for a position.

Unibodhi’s 35th Anniversary Celebration


You are cordially invited to attend Unibodhi’s 35th anniversary celebration night. There will be a dhamma talk, multimedia and performances centred around the theme of ‘Honesty’. So come along for a night of entertainment and fun 😀 Dinner will also be supplied~

When: Friday 7th October (Week 10), 6-8:30pm
Where: Seminar Rm 105, New Law Building (F10), University of Sydney. Parking is available at the New Law Carpark after 3pm for $2 per hour.
Cost: $5 Access, $15 non-Access & at the door (all tickets must be purchased through EventBrite).
Get Tickets:
Facebook event:

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Hope to see you there 🙂

Sem 2 Week 6

Living Diligently: Fortnightly Talk

What does it mean to lead a “diligent” life? Why should we be diligent? How can we become more diligent? Come along to hear a wide ranging discussion about all things “diligence”.
John Barclay is a lay teacher in the tradition of Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. He leads the Wednesday evening Lotus Buds group at the Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre in Camperdown which is associated with a number of lay Thich Nhat Hanh sanghas in the wider Sydney region and with the “Entering the Stream” Monastery in Beaufort, Victoria. John began practicing with Lotus Buds in 1995. He received the Lamp Transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh in 2004. John is currently teaching Buddhist classes to young people at Campsie Public School, Sydney Boys High and Minh Quang Temple, Canley Vale.
When:  4:30pm – 6pm, Thursday 1st September
Where: Reading Room, Holme Building (A09)
Cost: Free for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who came by for Snacks and Chill. It was great catching up with all of you.

We have a coastal walk (Coogee to Bondi) planned for Sunday 11th Sep (Week 7) so if you are keen, make sure to keep that day free. More details will follow soon.

Sem 2 Week 4

Thanks to everyone who came to movie night last Friday. I hope you all had a good time.

Coming up this week:

Weekly Meditation

Unibodhi is very delighted to welcome Venerable Neng Rong to guide us through metta (loving kindness) meditation, and inspire us through the Buddha’s teachings. Venerable Neng Rong is the abbess of the Hwa Tsang Monastery and also the Buddhist Chaplain of the University of Sydney.

Topic:  Being One’s Best Being
When:  1pm – 2pm, Monday 15th August
Where: Room 240A, Merewether Building (H04)
Cost: Free for everyone.

Mindfulness: Fortnightly Talk

Have you heard about this new “fad”? Want to know what it is all about and how it works? Come along to part 2 of this fortnightly talk to find out more.

Sister Bich Nghiem is a senior Dharma teacher of Thich Nhat Hanh tradition. She has been teaching in many places under the Unified Buddhist Church, and some of here teachings can be heard from The Deer Park Dharmacast podcast.

When:  4:30pm – 6pm, Thursday 18th August
Where: Common Room, Holme Building (A09)
Cost: Free for everyone.


Some of you may have heard about UNSW Unibuds’ Bodhi Nite which is their equivalent of our anniversary celebration. We are looking to organise a group of the execs and members to go along together and support our counterparts at UNSW. It should be a night of fun, learning and scrumptious vegetarian food. The theme this year is “Life in the Hourglass – Patience is not just about waiting.” For more info please see here:
We are pleased to be able to offer the same price to our members as Unibuds members. The tickets are $12pp which includes entry and food. If you are interested, please comment on our facebook page or drop us an email at and Vito (President of Unibodhi) or Darren (Secretary) will be in touch. See you next Saturday!

When:  6pm – 10pm, Saturday 20th August (Dinner 6-7pm)
Where: Sir John Clancy Auditorium, UNSW, Kensington (map)
Cost: Unibodhi Members (please contact us to pre-purchase): $12, Non-members: $15, At door: $18


Semester 2 is here!

President’s Welcome

I hope everybody had a great Winter Break and welcome to Semester 2. Start of Uni means Unibodhi is also back and we have got plenty of things coming up 🙂 🙂 🙂

First up on Monday 25th July, come visit us at our O-Day store (9am-4pm) to pick up our pamphlets for the upcoming semester, get one of these gift bags which are complimentary with membership and sign-up if you haven’t done so already.

Also on that Monday, our weekly lunchtime mediation session, led by Venerable Neng Rong, will be up and running again from 1-2pm at Room 240A, Level 2 (Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre), Merewether Building. The topic will be “What is Buddhism?”

And finally on Thursday 28th July, we will be having our Meet & Greet from 4:30-6pm at Common Room, Holme Building. Come along to meet both new and old friends.
There is a fully packed first week and we will be informing you about more events and talks later on in Semester 2.  🙂 🙂 🙂

With Metta,


Week 12 (Last week of events)

Weekly Meditation

This week is our very last meditation session for Semester 1!
Unibodhi is very delighted to welcome Venerable Neng Rong to guide us through metta (loving kindness) meditation, and inspire us through the Buddha’s teachings. Venerable Neng Rong is the abbess of the Hwa Tsang Monastery and also the Buddhist Chaplain of the University of Sydney.When:  1pm – 2pm, Monday, May 23rd
Where: Room 240A, Merewether Building (H04)

Cost: Free for everyone.

How to Overcome Pressure and Stress

It might be a similar topic to last Thursday but if you didn’t come then you would be silly to miss this one. Jim Teoh was unable to make it this week so Dr Chien will be speaking to us in his place.
Dr Chien Hoong Gooi is a Buddhist teacher and Clinical Psychologist who seeks to integrate western psychology with the practices of Buddhist meditation. He was previously involved in clinical research applying mindfulness practices in the treatment of anxiety disorders at The University of Sydney and also served as the Buddhist Chaplain at the University of New South Wales. He is currently a committee member for the Australian Association of Buddhist Counselors and Psychotherapists (AABCAP) and a Trustee of the Buddhist Library. He presents regular mindfulness meditation courses at universities, Buddhist groups and to the general public as part of his involvement in community outreach.
When:  4:30pm – 6pm, Thursday, May 26th
Where: Holme Meeting Room 1, Holme Building (A09)
Cost: Free for everyone.

As we come to the end of another semester we would like to thank all of you for your support of Unibodhi. Without you, our members, we wouldn’t be a society that we are today. Keep the support going and we look forward to seeing you next semester. Bhante Pandit had some useful advice last Thursday: smile before the exam and chew gum or eat something (to make your body think it is calm because you tend not to eat when you have adrenaline release). Remember, some stress is good but too much stress is bad. Best wishes in your studies and exams 🙂

With Metta,
Darren L. (Secretary)
on behalf of the Unibodhi Executive

Week 11 – Bonus Fortnightly talk!

Stress and its Management with Bhante Pandit

This week we have a bonus fortnightly talk for everyone! Unibodhi is most grateful to Bhante Pandit for taking some time out of his busy schedule on his visit to Australia to come and speak with us about stress and its management. So if you are stressed, this week would be a great time to come along and listen to some expert advice in stress management and perhaps hear about a different perspective on meditation.

Pandit Bhikkhu is a British monk ordained in Thailand since 1996. He has a degree in psychology and Buddhist studies from the University of Mahaculalongkom. He runs the little Bangkok Sangha, which is the only English speaking group in Bangkok for Theravada Buddhism. His approach uses reflection on the six senses to hold the mind in empty alert awareness.
When:  4:30pm – 6pm, Thursday, May 19th
Where: Holme Meeting Room 1, Holme Building (A09)
Cost: Free for everyone.
Meditation on Monday (16/5) is on as usual. Check out our Events calendar.

Week 9 is here! Meditation and Movie Night


It is amazing to think how we are at week 9 already. Exams are in just over 6 weeks and no doubt those stress levels are beginning to rise with assignments piling up. More reason for you to come and spend some quiet time at our Monday meditation to hit the reset button to allow you to focus on the task at hand. It is at the usual time and place. See our events calendar for details. Meditation is open to everyone.

Another way to help unwind is to join us for our Movie Night screening. We will be screening ‘Inside Out’ so that you can increase your levels of Joy and reduce your Sadness 😉 Food and drinks will also be provided (guaranteed to boost your levels of happiness :))

So come along for a fun-filled night with entertainment, food, and (old and new) friends! Open to everyone.

When: Thursday, 5th May (Week 9) 5pm-7pm
Where: International Student Lounge, Wentworth Building.
Movie: Inside Out (2015)
Cost: ACCESS $2, non-ACCESS $12

Please RSVP on our facebook page or email us at to let us know you are coming. Hope to see you there!