Welcome to 2016!

Hi everybody,

2016 is truly upon us as Unibodhi grows another year older. Hope everyone had a great festive season and all the best for the year ahead. As with any new year, there is always change and currently the society is in transition. Due to unfortunate administrative errors, our beloved society has been de-registered by C & S. With this present state, we need as much support from you guys, our Unibodhi members, to help maintain our society. It would be extremely helpful if you could renew your membership by filling in the attached google doc form attached below.
LINK: http://goo.gl/forms/WOcDo3gDZJ
Also in the near future, we will need to hold another AGM (Annual General Meeting) when Semester 1 commences. The current set date and time will be THURSDAY 3rd of March at 4:30 to 6pm. The finalised venue will hopefully be confirmed in the next week or so. We need as many people as possible there, to re-register the society and elect the executive team again. So hope to see you there.

With Metta,
Vito Hui (President, 2016)