About Us

Unibodhi is the University of Sydney Buddhist Society. We aim to provide an environment conducive to the propagation and practice of Buddhism within the student community. We offer social opportunities as well as a friendly and knowledgeable point of access for all who are interested in exploring the teachings and practices of Buddhism. We organise a range of activities throughout the year including:

  • Weekly Dharma/Dhamma talks
  • Weekly meditation sessions
  • Sutra studies
  • Meditation retreats
  • Picnics
  • Movie Nights
  • Bushwalks
  • Performance evenings

Maitri Night (Unibodhi’s Anniversary Celebration)

Maitri Night is held annually where there are performance, administration, artistic and technical opportunities. Come along to Unibodhi’s night of song, dance, and drama. Gain valuable skills in wide-ranging roles, and be a part of the most exciting event on the Unibodhi calendar as we celebrate and spread the joy of loving-kindness!

Last year, in 2015, we held a smaller Anniversary celebration due to the smaller number of members compared to previous years. As we grow the society we may host a traditional Maitri Night from years’ past.

Unibodhi’s Committee Members

The 2018 Unibodhi executive committee members are:
President: James P.
Vice President: Megumi H.
Secretary: Scott N.
Treasurer: Krystal L.
Dharma Talk Coordinators:
External Liaison Officer:
General Executive: Jennifer J. , ….